Artiest in huis - Gino Rizzi

maandag, 18 juli, 2016 - 10:00 tot zondag, 24 juli, 2016 - 14:00

Tijdens De Zomeracademie komt Gino Rizzi voor het eerst bij ons in residentie. Een uniek beeldend kunstenaar!

Gino Rizzi is a visual artist with Italian roots, currently working in Belgium. For 15 years he has been using recycled plastics as the main material to create his sculptures.

Plastic hasn't been much investigated in visual arts in the way he handles and processes it. Transformation of the material is his key focus. 

Gino Rizzi's work relates to what he calls the 'plastification of nature'. It is a transformation process, initiated by human presence.

He creates a world in which he brings plastic materials to life. Is this an impossibility or wìll this be the future? Perhaps this process is unavoidable, or even happening? Have we already created the foundation for a future in which the survival of the fittest will depend upon the extend to which it can integrate and deal with disintegrating inorganic materials?

While imagining new realms of organisms and species he takes up different roles: the one of the collector, laboratory researcher, hunter... Someone who roams the world ahead of us.

Gino Rizzi graduated from Urbino's art academy in Italy. He has worked in Paris for ten years before settling in Antwerp (Belgium) in 2007. As a teacher in fine arts, he often integrated domestic materials in his classes and became fascinated by the tremendous variation and beauty of plastic, found as trash everywhere.