Artiest in huis - Laura Aris & Jos Baker

dinsdag, 18 oktober, 2016 - 10:00 tot zaterdag, 29 oktober, 2016 - 17:00

Dansers Laura Aris en Jos Baker komen twee weken naar Destelheide om te repeteren aan twee danssolo's!

Laura (bekend van Ultima Vez) maakt Let sleeping dogs lie en Jos (bekend van Peeping Tom) maakt Of no fixed abode.

Laura Aris kennen we in Destelheide van de masterclass rond het werk van Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus die zij gaf in juni 2015. 

Jos Baker is a British dancer, teacher and choreographer currently based in Brussels. From 2008 to 2014, Jos worked for Peeping Tom as a creator and performer in 32 Rue Vandenbranden (2009) and A Louer (2011). He has since done various work for stage and screen and makes his own work including What do you do? (2015), We Were Youth (2016) and Of No Fixed Abode (ongoing). He teaches at institutions all over the world, including many of the leading dance schools in Europe. Jos started his dance training with Oxford Youth Dance and then went on to The Laban Center London and then P.A.R.T.S.

Website Jos Baker

Two solos both looking at themes of isolation, sacrifice and what it means to be a performer, each from a different perspective. Could they find company with each other, with the audience or will they remain alone? Laura and Jos’ lives are similar in many ways, but their outlook is different. In this evening of work they reflect on some similar issues that are raised by the transient lifestyle of a performer while each bringing their unique voice and movement language.  Let Sleeping Dogs Lie and Of No Fixed Abode are separate pieces, but combined into one show they raise questions of each other.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is a visceral portrait of a woman imprisoned between memory and premonitions. Like a giant tort to pieces by two wild horses pulling in opposite directions. The past and future are just mirrored compartments that could break.
Its a performance about pain, lost, wanderlust, love and family. Through reflections on personal issues channeling into the public sphere; Looking for evocative images of beauty and emotional power. Laura is collaborating with the Catalan composer Roger Marín, He is in charge of the original sound track of the performance.

Of No Fixed Abode follows a man who travels the world alone; searching for acceptance, recognition and a place to call his own.  He carries his life on his back as a radio, which provides his only companionship. His loneliness leads him to allow the media to have more and more control over him. The piece looks at loneliness, isolation, the power of the media and the influence of charismatic leaders. It incorporates multiple theatrical genres as it flits between comic and disturbing, often shifting
movement styles rapidly. There are certain elements of autobiography to the piece, for several years Jos has spent most of his time travelling to perform and to teach and this has some parallels to the role to our character.