Artiest in huis - Oana Cosug & co

zaterdag, 17 september, 2016 - 10:00 tot vrijdag, 23 september, 2016 - 17:00

Zes internationale kunstenaars komen op initiatief van Oana Cosug (die al eens eerder als beeldende artiest in huis te gast was) een week lang samen in residentie in Destelheide. De artiesten hebben roots in België, Roemenië en Syrië en vinden het belangrijk dat over de grenzen heen artistieke uitwisseling plaatsvindt. Samen zal er gewerkt worden aan een nieuwe reeks projecten en tentoonstellingen in België en Roemenië. 

Dan Badea, 'La cina', 2015, oil on canvas, 120x90 cm

Dragos Burlacu, 'Crown', 2016, 25 x 25 cm , oil on canvas  

Florin Buta, 'Taciturn', 2014, oil on canvas, 122x114  cm

Kito Sino,' Aller-retour', 2014, trein ticket format

Oana Cosug stelt de andere artiesten voor: 

"With the artist Dan Badea I have already switch in a residency program at Mie Lefever Gallery from Gent in 2004. Our ways was crossing at the Tescani Residency in Roumania.

Dragos Burlacu is one of the founding members of Colony 21 Program and actively participated in residencies in Tescani. From this participation at Tescani were created some interesting projects such as Exhibition in  Actionfields Gallery in Brussels in 2010 - Why the black is not white, edit the album in  2015 ‘COLONIA 21’ and  initiating Teodor Moraru prize for young artists.

The artist Magda Amarioarei I met recently in Brussels. She exhibited at the Gallery Mie Lefever 2015. Maria-Magdalena Amarioarei (b. 1988, Roumania, lives and works in Brussels) graduated with a Master in Fine Arts from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts in Liège in 2011 and also gained a Master in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University College Ghent (KASK) in 2013. She is a finalist of Coming People 2014 at SMAK Ghent.

Kito Sino is a Syrian artist who was immigrate in Belgium since 15 years ago. He was develops some artistic project in Brussels. One of his project is to draw on the train tickets.The banal train ticket is a medium for him, a mirror of his existence, his emotions, and his experiences. With no more than a ballpoint pen Kito creates subtle graphics that knows no taboos and who plays one time major themes such as love, time or peace, other times referring to the reality as it is experienced at that time. The train tickets fronts act for Kito as a diary.  With this project he participated at Canvascollectie in Bozar in 2011.

Fallon Buta is Romanian artist who lives in Ghent. We meet at Mie Lefever Gallery in 2004 and since then our friendship grew around and the idea of art. Is a painter and exhibited in exhibitions and spaces in Belgium such as Croxhapox Gallery, Mie Lefever, Citadel."

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