Artiest in huis - Youri De Gussem

maandag, 2 november, 2015 - 10:00 tot vrijdag, 6 november, 2015 - 17:00

Danser-choreograaf Youri De Gussem komt in de herfstvakantie met enkele andere dansers werken aan een nieuw project. Zelf omschrijft hij het als volgt...

"For this project, I would like to work on the relationship between the Humains in our society. The Human being is in constant evolution. So we aren’t the same humans being who lived before and we are also different from those who will be born long after us. I am interested in our way of communicate : tensions, disagreement, support, help, how to live, to react, to connect to the other, switch between emotions, to communicate,… I would like to show that most of our relations, interactions are influenced or even dictated by our society. We are conditioning to act in a certain way. In my piece I will show how human being are living in this society, how it affect us and how we are just letting it happen."