Artiest in huis - Anna Nilsson - Expiry Date

Circusartieste Anna Nilsson komt gedurende een vijftal weken in Destelheide werken aan haar nieuwe voorstelling Expiry Date, die volgende zomer op enkele grote festivals te zien zal zijn. Anna Nillson was al eerder te gast in Destelheide met de creatie van Jump or Fall, wat ze met haar BabaFish-gezelschap bij Juliana Neves maakte. Zelf zegt ze over Expiry Date:

"This show is not about Love. It’s about passion. Passion is a product with a best-before-date. From a cynical distance I contemplate: All this passion that we project on the subject of our desire, and then, hours, days or years later, it is no longer. Just a faded memory of warmth in winter time. Passion. Such amounts of energy let loose. Tickeling, running, thriving. Longing, despair and extasy mixed up in electric waves. Endless and invincible. Then the switch is suddenly turned off. Time’’s up…… This show is dedicated to all the feelings of desire and lust with an expiry date. In this show we will offer you: manipulation of objects (in a dangerously organized manner), 3 humans on stage, movements in three dimensions, reflections and confessions, truths and lies.