About us

About us

Destelheide is managed by the non-profit organisation Algemene Dienst voor Jeugdtoerisme (ADJ – General service for Youth Tourism) on behalf of the Flemish government.


Destelheide creates an inspiring environment for artistic and creative activities for and by young people.


Destelheide is a centre that offers quality infrastructure in a green environment, especially for youth and educational groups. The timeless architecture and functional spaces of our infrastructure lend themselves perfectly to creative and artistic activities. The facilities and services enable a quality stay with catering and overnight accommodation on the domain. In addition, Destelheide creates an artistic living environment, through its art education service Dharts, to stimulate and inspire the visiting groups.


·       Innovation and creation

·       Inspiration and education

·       Diversity and openness

·       Sustainability and participation

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New exhibition: Reflexies

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