Artist in House

Artiest in huis

Are you looking for: 

// accommodation for artists
// a visual arts studio
// a rehearsal space
where you can take the time to work on a new production in peace and quiet?

// Would you like to try out your new performance with a diverse audience?
// Do you need peace and quiet to be able to fully work on your writing project?
// Are you looking for a professional setting and equipped rooms or halls, where you can work on your creation in the best conditions?

Then the Artist-in-the-House programme is undoubtedly for you.

Artist in Residence, something for you?

  • Are you (a member of) a (professional) theatre, circus, dance or music company?
  • Are you an individual artist? A visual artist? A writer? A designer? A photographer? Or a creative all-rounder without a label?

That’s fine!

Do you need some time and space to brainstorm, rehearse, write, paint, dance, record, make music or something else?

Then you, as an Artist in House, can enjoy an artistic stay in Destelheide!

Would you like to come to Destelheide and work on your creative process?

Apply for your stay without obligation

Try-out, performance show or open rehearsal

During your artistic stay, you will be an Artist-in-the-House, which means that you will have the opportunity to organise a try-out, performance show or open rehearsal for the groups staying at Destelheide (usually 16+).

These try-outs provide a positive experience time after time.

As an artist-in-house you also have the opportunity to try out your own material. In this way, you will undoubtedly discover something new.

This artist programme offers your audience the opportunity to gain insight into an artistic creation process, while you have the opportunity to gather feedback from your target audience.


Are you curious about when there will be a free try-out from an Artist-in-the-House?

Contact us

Your stay as an Artist-in-the-House

During your stay as an artist, you only pay for your meals and overnight stay(s) in Destelheide, according to the lowest price category. Our artist residences are always on a full board basis.

A residency for artists always starts on a weekday, there is no minimum or maximum duration. 

Your application will be reviewed according to your needs and availability in Destelheide.

Technical support

As an Artist-in-the-House, you can make free use of the De Put hall, the dance hall, the room for visual activities or another room to help you create during your artistic stay, all subject to availability.

Our technicians can help with the set-up and breakdown of the equipment.

For a longer technical creation, it is best to bring your own technicians.

Curious about the most recent Artists in Residence in Destelheide?


View the technical data sheets of hall De Put

Technical data sheet

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