Masterclass “Perception / Representation”

Masterclass “Perception / Representation”

Martha Verschaffel and Ephameron

17 & 18/10/2020

What does the surroundings of Destelheide look like through your own eyes?

In this masterclass 15 creativos get the opportunity to visually investigate this, together with Martha Verschaffel and Ephameron.

Drawing is looking, dissecting and representing, but also interpreting. With the work of visual artists such as Sister Corita Kent and Rachel M. Lillie in mind, we look for certain restrictions. With observation as a starting point, we look at how we can go from there to abstraction in a painting, drawing, collage or illustration. 

We spend a whole weekend exploring the different aspects of the landscape and work together towards a refined collective end result. This work will also be part of the group exhibition 'Panorama', to be visited in Destelheide from October 2020 to April 2021. 

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