Art in the open air

Art in the open air

Statues with a story

With statues in the open-air, Destelheide shows young artists a wide spectrum of expressive opportunities: art inside and outside the buildings.

In Destelheide you are surrounded by art both inside and outside!

Jan Van Oost 

This statue on the spacious lawn behind the residential building symbolises the artist as a storyteller. The man leans forward slightly as if to address his audience with a kind of urgency.

Many young visitors have been playfully intrigued by the statue of this mysterious man in the mask.

The mask refers to the theatre, while the book is linked to authorship.

The mask also keeps the artist’s identity a secret and, at the same time, stimulates our imagination out in the open air.

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Brave Wave - Joke Raes

When you enter Destelheide, you immediately notice the statue by Joke Raes situated next to the main building. This open-air work is a kind of solidified memory of all fleeting creative moments. It was made with recyclable material that is normally thrown away but now has become visible and attained new value.

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The two works of art in the open air are complementary in terms of material (bronze versus industrial waste), design (figurative versus abstract) and theme (artistry versus the link between culture and nature).

In this way, Destelheide wants to draw a line between two generations of artists.

The works of art in the open-air challenge the young people who stay here - the next generation of artists? - with a wide spectrum of expressive possibilities.

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