Standing still / Still standing (October 2019 - January 2020)

Kristin Verellen and Johan Van Steen in collaboration with Centrum West and Katrien Oosterlinck 

On March 22, 2016, photographer Johan Van Steen's dream to come out with his work was abruptly interrupted by the attacks in Brussels. The grief, but especially the support of friends and family, gave life partner Kristin Verellen the courage to keep sharing her / their story and to inspire others to find their own voice and make it heard.

From this motivation she created the recent book “Where do I stay with that light of mine” with photos by Johan Van Steen. Kristin Verellen is also the inspiring force behind the connecting “Circles” of We have the choice, a citizens' initiative that builds on inclusive gathering to prevent further hardening.

The exhibition Standing still / Still standing offers a total experience of the photos of Johan Van Steen, the poems of Kristin Verellen and the testimonials of participants in the circle rituals. This is done in conjunction with a video installation by young people from the Brussels youth center Centrum West on the theme Standing still / Still standing. This was realized in a summer studio under the supervision of Katrien Oosterlinck and was supported by “Circles” from We have the choice.

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