23.10.2020 - 02.04.2021

The canon of painting can be divided into three broad categories: landscape, portrait and still life.

The graphic arts festival Grafixx invites six artists who are at the crossroads of the applied and visual arts. They treat the theme of the landscape in different ways: as a subject for an installation or mural, as a background in an illustration, or as a character in a cartoon.

By connecting the works during a ten-day residency, new solutions become possible, cross-fertilization takes place and collaborations or overlaps can arise.

Participating artists Louis Reith (NL) + Ephameron (BE) + Aidan Koch (US) + Siemen Van Gaubergen (BE) + Karen Vermeren (BE) + Merijn Hos (NL) + the works from the masterclass "Observation / Display" (coached by Ephameron and Martha Verschaffel).


03.05.2021 - 10.07.2021

A cascade is a waterfall that takes stops, just like the thought process. Water is difficult to represent. It is amorphous, takes on the contours of the vessel it is in. Man controls the form of water. It flows through everything. In motion it is difficult to capture water in an image: the patterns never repeat themselves. A water surface can also form a landscape.

During this second part of their artist residency around the landscape, Siemen Van Gaubergen (BE), Louis Reith (NL) and Ephameron (BE) invite the New York Cortney Cassidy (US). Together they think for fourteen days about concepts such as fountain, amniotic fluid, wave motion. By connecting performance, text and image, they achieve surprising results.

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