Through the open aperture

Embarking on what she perceives as ‘the perfect escape into the unknown’, Katica Nišavić has spent several years traversing the globe alone, armed with a backpack and a camera. Her solo journeys led her to discover inspirational locals, where she skillfully captured poignant moments through her lens. 

Each image of 'Through the open aperture' encapsulates a distinct state or emotion, frozen in time by the camera's gaze. Artist's presence during her encounters acted as a natural catalyst, coaxing people into posing authentically for her lens. This allowed Katica to embark on a unique journey of cultural exploration, where each snapshot became a gateway to diverse customs and life stories.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these works carry a dual significance. For Katica, the process wasn't solely about connecting with people and their lifestyles; it was an introspective odyssey, a path towards unraveling her own identity. 

In Katica's perspective, this journey is a complete cycle of getting to know herself -one that she believes is never-ending but essential for everyone to experience in order to return to their authentic selves. The photographs, named after states and emotions, invite visitors to interpret them through their own lens, fostering a personalized connection with the exhibited narratives.


30 NOV 2023╱ 31 JAN 2024
Vernissage 30 nov at 7 p.m.

Born in 1992 and currently residing in Podgorica, Montenegro, Katica Nišavić has cultivated her photographic talent over the years. 

The year 2012 marked a significant milestone in Katica's journey as she won the Mtel photo contest. Her artistic endeavors have found a place in collective exhibitions such as 'Fotorama' and 'Faces of Podgorica.' Subsequently, her works garnered recognition and were chosen for inclusion in the prestigious traveling exhibition PDP Conference in 2014 in Novi Sad, notably showcased at the Exit festival. The global footprint of her art extended to Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 2015, she assumed the role of the official photographer for Serbia Fashion Week in Montenegro.

In 2019, Katica lived and worked in Destelheide on the occasion of an ESC project (European Solidarity Corps), where she explored artistic processes and collaborated on various projects. She documented different artistic processes and actively participated in them. Continuing her artistic exploration, alongside Alice Ambrosi, she realized a project that resulted in the photo book 'People of Destelheide & Hanenbos.'

In March of this year, Katica held her first solo exhibition in Montenegro, capturing her travels and the people she met along the way.  For Katica Nišavić, photography transcends mere imagery; it becomes a unique form of self-expression. Through her lens, her works autonomously tell a story, offering an intimate narrative that speaks to the very essence of her life and its defining moments.

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