Brussels projects

Brussels projects

The goal of our Brussels projects is to build a bridge between the various possibilities of Destelheide and Brussels

While too few Brussels organisations have access to high-quality rehearsal rooms and green surroundings such as those in Destelheide, our capital is bustling with museums, theatre houses, events ... Something we can only dream of in quiet Dworp. 

And so, the idea arose in Destelheide to visit all kinds of youth work organisations, colleges and art studios in order to set up Brussels projects together

We collectively came up with all kinds of projects and sustainable processes that we can realise with the support of the Brussels Coordination Unit. Destelheide supports the innovative concepts of these Brussels projects in numerous ways. Artistically by providing artists and contributing to devising the programme, logistically by making our premises available and financially by granting discounts on the accommodation price.

Brussels, our vibrant capital, is present in all pillars of our art education activities, from our exhibitions to our in-house artists and masterclasses.


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