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'RauwRouw' is a project by Jitse Huysmans and Katrijn De Cooman, in collaboration with Wim De Winne. From their own personal experiences with death and loss, a desire grew to start this project. They consciously choose young people, because supportive conversations for sensitive themes are often lacking at this age. 

Both artists strongly believe in the power of rituals. With 'RauwRouw' they look for alternative forms of conversation to talk about loss. This in combination with humor and visual elements, typical of the work of Collectief Elan (d). As with 'In between spaces' and 'Loving is Allowed', they choose to involve the audience in their performance. 

'RauwRouw' is a participatory youth performance where taboos are broken and both large and small feelings are given a place. A theatrical space where everything can be discussed.

 // Game and concept: Katrijn De Cooman & Jitse Huysmans

// Director and coach: Wim De Winne


Fri 14 May 2021: Participative youth performance

Sat 15 May 2021: Participative youth performance

Su 16 May 2021: Participative youth performance

Su 23 May 2021: Participative youth performance with livestream

Mon 24 May 2021: Participatory youth performance with live stream

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