Destelheide Sessions #2

Shared Isolation: Ian Clement & Winterfort

December 11: 8 pm - 10 pm 
5 euros!


Ian Clement wrote the song Source Material in 2019 together with An Pierlé within the context of Te Gek!? (an organization committed to breaking the taboo relating psychosocial problems). The song became a teaser for the atmosphere of Ian's second solo album See Me In Synchronicity, which was released on October 2, 2020, right before the second COVID-19 wave in Belgium. 

With Shared Isolation - a project as an extension of the release of this record - Ian Clement wants to talk about madness and illusions, about loneliness and isolation and tries to break the taboos in an interdisciplinary way by inviting other musicians, artists and poets. The evening is spent together with the audience in Shared Isolation. In times of COVID-19, we have all been confronted with isolation and loneliness.

Shared Isolation is an organic concert format that adapts like a chameleon to current conditions. Therefore the kick-off of Shared Isolation will be a live stream concert.

“See Me In Synchonicity is a very intense album in which Clement reveals himself completely. It has become a truly beautiful compilation of songs that gets under your skin. Do not expect “shiny happy people” tracks but a story of a man who looked the devil in the eye and learned from this special experience. ” - LUMINOUS DASH  

Listen to "Sidewinder"

Listen to"Source Material"


"A melancholic soundtrack for optimists" - Winterfort brings multi-layered songs that sometimes lash out, sometimes caress, sometimes hurt and sometimes comfort. The band reached the semi-finals of Humo's Rock Rally twice and released Safety in Numbers, their first single a few months ago, in collaboration with Benjamin Desmet (SX). 


Due to exceptional circumstances, the band also plays in an exceptionally minimalist line-up. Matthijs Verstegen (vocals / guitar) is joined by Birger Ameys (guitar / backings) for the occasion.

"Vocals that make you believe everything, inventive rhythms, a prominent but never obtrusive sax, and enough guitar parts to write two more songs with if you like." - HUMO

"A completely unique sound with very international." - DAMUSIC

"Darkpop with a sultry, jazzy atmosphere that sounds very promising." - LUMINOUS DASH

Listen to "Safety in Numbers"

Listen to "Tsar"

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