Destelheide works both cross-border and opens up new horizons.

Destelheide is, therefore, firmly committed to international operations by:

// networking with other youth centres through the Council of Europe’s European Platform for Youth Centres,

// stimulating cultural exchange among young people through international projects such as the Youth Exchange,

// offering European volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps an unforgettable experience by giving them an internship matching their talents and interests.

European Solidarity Corps

As part of its international operations, Destelheide has welcomed additional helping hands from another European country every year since 2017.

Thanks to the European Solidarity Corps, these European volunteers have had the opportunity not only to gain experience within their field of expertise but also to discover the host country, learn the local language and meet people from all over Europe.

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Youth Exchange

Through Youth Exchange, Destelheide engages young people for international exchanges through artistic and creative activities, as a starting point. The international project for youth exchange works as follows:

  • Groups of young people from different countries meet around a theme of their choice.
  • These youths collaborate on the programme.
  • The common thread is the exchange of ideas and experiences.
  • These young people get to know each other’s culture in a non-formal environment (for example, through workshops, games, activities, etc.) and thus are able to enrich their view of the world and people.
  • In this way, Destelheide stimulates young people to make an international artistic commitment that is supported in various ways and places.

I have become more open minded through the process of this project and I will take this experience with me in my life.

Elle, Engeland

During this week I got to know a bunch of really amazing people, I discovered another part of me, I had time to rethink my own personality.

Iva, Slovenia

For me, being a part of this Youth Exchange, was one of the most valuable things I ever experienced. I got to know other people, and I realized these other people were not that really 'others'. They were like me. 

Pilar, Spain

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Quality Label

In 2016, Destelheide was the first youth centre in Belgium to be awarded with the Quality Label of the Council of Europe and conquered the sixth place in Europe!

This quality label is an award for work done as a centre of excellence for youth work according to the strict standards of the Council of Europe.

The Council of Europe was full of praise for Destelheide’s clear profile as a centre for youth, art and creation.

The expertise in the art education of our youth centre was also commended, as were our plans to put Destelheide, with the Masterplan, further on the map as a ‘leading youth centre in Flanders’ in the coming years.

Read more about the Quality Label on the website of the Council of Europe.

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This Quality Label is a recognition for the excellent work of the entire team, makes Destelheide an example for other youth centres and offers perspectives to develop into a beacon on an international level in the future. Congratulations!

Sven Gatz, former Minister of Youth:

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