Expo Sébastien Nagy - Brussel uit de hoogte!


Photographer Sébastien Nagy is known for his urban explorations. He makes pictures of skyscrapers, showing images of the beautiful Brussels skyline, but just as easily looks for derelict spots to portray the desolate beauty of the city. 

His first exposition ever will be shown in Destelheide! Scenographer Pieter Huybrechts designed a special set-up for this exposition.

We are pleased to welcome you to the opening of the exposition on Wednesday evening, 17 February 2016, at 7.30 pm. You can sign up for the opening by sending an email to info@destelheide.be.

You can visit the exposition "Contre sens’ of Sébastien Nagy in Destelheide up to the end of June 2016.

Here, you can read our interview with Sébastien.

Check out all his pictures on his Instagram-account!

Here, you can watch an interesting report of TV Brussels...