Summer Academy 2016

The Summer Academy is an artistic oasis that offers time and space to experiment, create and exchange. As a participant, you work for 7 days within one discipline on your own artistic search under the supervision of a professional coach. This coach will suggest new perspectives to broaden your artistic ideas, he/she will join your search and ask relevant questions but will not offer ready-made solutions. Because several workshops are scheduled simultaneously, a stimulating environment will be created enabling interaction between different disciplines. 

Feel like immersing yourself for 7 days in an artistic quest within a summery environment? 
Then the Summer Academy is definitely something for you.

Info and registration?


Image and imagery (WAITING LIST)

Coach: Beatrijs Lauwaert 


Body narratives

Coaches: Paulo Guerreiro en Pipo Tafel


Photography (WAITING LIST)


Happening sound

Coach: Inge Van Den Kroonenberg (i.s.m. Aifoon)


Costume design

Coach: Anita Evenepoel



Coaches: Rik Declercq en Jean-Marc Alby


Write and play

Coach: Stefan Perceval 



Coaches: Jonas Winterland en Lennaert Maes


Writing stories (WAITING LIST)

Coach: Joke Van Leeuwen


Visual music

Coach: Hallveig Agustsdottir (i.s.m. Matrix)


Vocal and musical theatre (WAITING LIST)

Coach: Hannelore Primusz


This was the Summer Academy 2015!



When? From Monday, 20 July at 10.30 am to Sunday, 26 July at 2.00 pm.

Where? Destelheide, Destelheidestraat 66, Dworp (Google maps)

For whom? Everyone (18+) who wants to work one week in one specific artistic discipline: amateur and professional artists, youth workers, teachers, educators...


€350     youth work certicifate

€400     -35 jaar

€430     members of Creatief Schrijven, Kunstwerkt, Danspunt

€450     +36 jaar 

included: workshop, overnight stay and meals