The rates you pay in Destelheide & the booking conditions depend on the category to which your group belongs.

Destelheide distinguishes four groups:

// youth groups
// schools
// companies
// family groups


Are you involved in youth work and this initiative is recognised by a local (municipal), provincial or Flemish government? Then you belong to category 1.

To benefit from this rate in Destelheide, it is possible that we may request official proof of your status.

  • Reservation period: maximum 3 years in advance


Are you a different type of domestic youth group, a domestic school group or any other type of care group? Then you belong to category 2.

For participation in activities or a stay of your group in Destelheide, the rate of this category applies.

  • Reservation period: maximum 2.5 years in advance


Are you a foreign youth group, a school or a domestic socio-cultural group? 

Then you belong to category 3 when participating in activities or for a stay.

  • Reservation period: maximum 2 years in advance


Are you a family group, a group of adults or do you belong to a company?

Then the rates are determined according to category 4 and we will charge VAT.

  • Reservation period: maximum 1.5 years in advance

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