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By public transport

Travel by train via Brussels to Halle. Timetable NMBS
Buses from 'De Lijn' take you from Halle to Dworp. Timetable bus service De Lijn

  • At the railway station of Halle, you can take bus line 153 or 155 in the direction of Drogenbos.
  • Step off the bus at the border between Alsemberg and Dworp, bus stop 'Destelheide'.
  • Attention! This stop is not shown in the timetable. It is situated between 'Dworp sportschuur' and 'Alsemberg Winderickx'.

By car or bus
From Hasselt, Leuven, Antwerp, Gent or Ostend

  • Follow the E19 ring road around Brussels in the direction of Mons-Charleroi (Paris).
  • Leave the E19 at exit 20 'Huizingen - Sint-Genesius-Rode'.
  • Turn left in the direction of Dworp-Alsemberg (Alsembergsesteenweg).
  • After about 3 km, you enter the village centre of Dworp.
  • Drive through the village centre.
  • Just before the hill, at the signpost 'Destelheide', you turn right into the Zevenbronnenstraat.
  • The first street on your left is the Destelheidestraat.
  • Destelheide is situated on the hill to the right within the green area.

You are coming via Leuven and want to avoid the viaduct of Vilvoorde?
Follow to the south of Brussels Ring road East. Note: this is NOT possible by bus.

  • Leave the E40 in Kraainem.
  • Drive into the direction of Waterloo, also indicated as Mons-Charleroi.
  • You will drive through two tunnels, below two junctions, the 'Vierarmenkruispunt' and the 'Leonardkruispunt'.
  • In Groenendaal, immediately in front of the third tunnel, you drive past the railway bridge and turn right into the woods, direction Sint-Genesius-Rode.
  • After about 7 curves and speed ramps, you turn left at the signpost Sint-Genesius-Rode.
  • Continue to follow this road, past the junction up to the traffic lights.
  • Turn left.
  • At the first junction with traffic lights, you turn right.
  • Follow this road with traffic lights for about 5 km until you are in Dworp.
  • Follow the directions 'Destelheide'.

Very important information for bus drivers:

  • Some GPS systems will send you from the Alsembergsesteenweg via the Panoramastraat to the Destelheidestraat. Do not do this! When driving into the Panoramastraat with a long vehicle, you will not be able to turn into the Destelheidestraat.
  • From the Alsembergesteenweg, bus drivers must turn into the Zevenbronnenstraat and then drive to the left up into the Destelheidestraat.
  • Buses cannot drive into the domain. You can park the bus to let people step out on the green verges along the domain. Once people are out and all luggage has been unloaded, buses can drive straight through and return to the ring road around Brussels via Alsemberg.