Onze eerste EVS'ers Milana & Lea

Milana en Lea gaan voor 5 maanden het Belgisch avontuur aan als European Volunteer. Vanaf juni ontvangen wij beide Servische dames in Destelheide om hen een internationale niet formele leerkans te bieden. Via het Youth in Action pakket van Erasmus+ leren zij de werking van Destelheide in al zijn facetten kennen, draaien ze mee bij de kunsteducatieve projecten, leren ze Nederlands, gaan ze in interactie met de jongeren die in Destelheide verblijven en brengen ze hun eigen expertise binnen in onze organisatie. Een internationale ervaring die zowel voor hen als voor Destelheide een bijzondere impact zal hebben. To be continued!

Hieronder stellen ze zich alvast even voor.

Hi! My name is Milana Vojnovć. I am 25 years old and I will spend my summer in Destelheide as an EVS volunteer. I heard about EVS a few years ago from friends who had been or wanted to be part of an EVS project. Motivated by them and their stories about the life changing experience that EVS is, I did my research and found what might be the perfect option and place for me.

I have studied French language and literature. During my studies I became interested in cultural projects. I was already part of the organizational team for an international festival of high school theatre in Belgrade. Having this experience helped me realize how much I enjoy cultural exchange between nations and countries and how much this kind of dialogue is important. Having this in my mind during my search for a place where I can do my EVS with similar activities and goals, it was with great help from the people of Volunteer Center of Vojvodina that I found out about Destelheide.

Destelheide seemed like a perfect opportunity from the start- they have everything I was looking for: a dynamic surrounding with many projects including a variety of people, and above all open-minded and creative people ready to suggest me new ideas and accept mine as well.

While in Destelheide I will participate in organizing the festival SPOT ON that will take place in September. Since this is the first time for me doing this kind of “work” outside of Serbia I find it really challenging and am looking forward to meet new people, exchange my experiences and learn new things.

Hello Belgium. I am Lea Jevtić, student of acting in the third year in Faculty of Arts in Kosovo. Born in Sombor, in Serbia in 1992. I am grandma and child, boy and a girl in one person. I am in love with my guitar called ‘Ashley’, I practice dance and art of any kind, I am a leo in astrology and I am obsessed with Beyonce.
My motivation for this EVS is to learn as much as I can about different ways of involving arts in education, to participate in many workshops to improve my skills. In the end, I want to bring everything I learned in Destelheide into my own country and become an international youthtrainer. 
I believe Destelheide is the right place to learn all this, with its great atmosphere, organization and green environment. I can't wait to come and become part of this great center and projects in it!

Blijf op de hoogte van de internationale ervaringen van Milana en Lea via hun blog op www.destelheide.be