Create and admire creations

Are you a (young) creative person or art lover, looking for the ideal infrastructure for your creative outbursts

Then come to Destelheide, Centre for Youth, Art and Creation. 

In this green oasis around Brussels, you can relax and find plenty of inspiration to create to your heart's content. 

Moreover, Destelheide offers you the very best infrastructure to give shape to your ideas on stage, paper, canvas, in a dance rhythm or a melody

Would you like more? 

Maybe you would like to do a try-out during your stay? Create in peace and quiet for a few days or weeks? 

Maybe the Artist in House programme is something for you! 

Or register for a Masterclass or the annual Summer Academy!

Is an artistic stay in Destelheide something for you?

Request for your reservation

New exhibition: Reflexies

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