Colin Waeghe - Filoxenia (July - September 2020)

Filoxenia is a retrospective exhibition of 10 years of painting and visual art by Colin Waeghe.

Curator Willem Elias chose some thirty works that depict the journey of Colin's work. It is a journey through time, around the world and across different styles. 

Filoxenia is an invitation to a route through a new world, an art archipelago where everyone is welcome. 

Alex Vanhee - Grote en kleine helden (januari 2020 - juni 2020)

Alex Vanhee is just about the country's best-known concert photographer
As a rock photographer for De Morgen, he went to hundreds of concerts worldwide to photograph the greatest pop and rock idols. The great heroes, so to speak. 

"People get a kick out of big names, but it never hurt me," says the photographer. "I like interesting people and you will find them everywhere." Vanhee delved into his archive and extracted gems from ordinary people at best in Flemish living rooms of the last century. The exhibition also includes recent work with pigeon fanciers and portraits of contemporary, less well-known artists. The little heroes. 

Or are the big heroes getting smaller here and the little heroes getting bigger? 
Discover it for yourself during this exhibition!

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