In May 2021, a dozen young people from D'Broej Centrum-West spent a weekend in Destelheide to participate in the RauwRouw project.

'RauwRouw' is a project by Collectief Elan(d) - Jitse Huysmans and Katrijn De Cooman -, in collaboration with Wim De Winne. From their own personal experiences with death and loss, the need to work on the theme of grief grew. The artists and Rudy Raes (Coordinator D'Broej Centrum-West) found each other in this project.

The collaboration arose from the desire to investigate how we can create space for mourning in this society. Many young people are confronted with loss (of something or someone). Both parties feel that young people just need to talk about their grieving process. With 'RauwMourning', the artists and Centrum West want to offer the opportunity to share and shape their mourning through creative processes. The makers provide concrete tools by means of labs. They do this with various theatrical art forms, humor and visual elements, which are typical of the work of Collectief Elan(d). Central to this is experimentation based on experiential learning, in which art is used as a healing and connecting means. 

'RauwRouw' is a participative youth performance where taboos are broken and both large and small feelings are given a place. A theatrical space where everything can be discussed.

Game and concept: Katrijn De Cooman & Jitse Huysmans

Director and coach: Wim De Winne

(photos: Silvia Ruñsinol)

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