Recent Artists in Residence

Sergio Belo Fanck 

Destelheide joins forces with Globe Aroma for a new musical project.

Sergio Belo Fanck will work on his first single and debut EP as an Artist in Huis in Destelheide between 22 May and 6 June. He works together with Pedro 'Putcho' Diaz, who also has musical roots in the Globe Aroma network and is now active at CUBE in Saint-Gilles.

Sergio describes his musical career as follows:
“For me it started 11 years ago with the discovery of the Kuduro genre in Angola. I first discovered piano playing in 2018, after which I immediately started taking hyperactive lessons, so that I learned at an insane pace.
Shortly afterwards I decided to give private piano lessons myself (via and created my first songs.
In 2019 I made my debut with my own compositions in the successful performance Landscape Orchestra in the Kaaistudios, which later also played with Nona in Mechelen and the Nouveau Théatre de Montreuille in Paris. Later I took part in a concert by Gueladio Ba in Gc De Markten as part of a project with children. Since September 2020 I have been working with CUBE on a musical street performance for which I want to record songs for my first EP. ”

In addition to his activities as a musician, Sergio is also active as a dancer and performer, including in a project with Ahilan Ratnamohan, Oumar Diallo, Mahy Nambiar, Alimu Mahammed, Issouf Ilboudo, Lia Conceicao.

foto's: Silvia Runsiñol

Float Fall

Float Fall is a Belgian music duo from Leuven consisting of Rozanne Descheemaeker and Ruben Lefever. They make dream and whisper pop like indie music with a touch of electronics. The duo placed 3rd in Humo's Rock Rally 2012 and then also launched their single "Someday", which became a hit in Belgium and was featured in Studio Brussel's De Afrekening for a while. After this they went on tour outside Belgium, including in New York. 

In July 2021 they resided in Destelheide for a week as Artist in Huis to work on the release of their new record (30 September 2021 in AB). They organized a wonderful try-out for the groups present. 

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