In CONNECTIONS, the Polish artist Filip Wierzbicki-Nowak offers a captivating exploration of the interdependent network of our world. During his residency in Destelheide, the artist made a visual analysis of Dworp and places like Waterloo, Baarle, Ypres and Brussels, pointing to their connections with Poland. 

A variety of art forms embody the history of these locations by drawing inspiration from customs, myths and legends and delving into utopian visions. In this research, the artist refers to various disciplines such as philosophy, sociology and environmental protection. The essence of these places has been captured in both abstract and symbolic visual language.

By employing the language of symbolism, which emerged in France and Belgium during the late 19th century, Wierzbicki-Nowak skilfully weaves together the Belgian past and present. 
The exhibition CONNECTIONS serves as a powerful reminder that narratives create a framework for our understanding of the world and how this helps to connect us to the essence of things and places.


03 AUG╱ 23 NOV 2023

Finnisage 23 nov at 7PM

Open from Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM 

Filip Wierzbicki-Nowak is a visual artist that works with different media such as painting, drawing, graphic arts, video, installation and site-specific art. In his works, he discusses how digital art struggles to keep up with the dynamically and ever-changing essence of nature. 

In 2012, Filip Wierzbicki-Nowak graduated from the University of the Arts in Poznań. He has been associated with this university ever since: in 2018 he received his doctorate and he is currently an assistant professor at the University’s 8th Drawing Studio. The artist’s works were presented at exhibitions all around the world: from Japan, South Korea, over The United States, to North Macedonia, Germany, and many other countries.

Video: Luka Trbovic

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