Koppel-teken/s |2

Koppel-teken/s |2

Koppel-teken/s |2 is the second exhibition in a series of four focusing on the connection between two artists, one established and one emerging. In the exhibition series 'Koppel-teken/s,' there is a certain sympathy for each other's work and personality, and the attitude of the older artist encourages the younger one to continue working. In this second installment, it's Stéphanie Leblon and Jonas Vanderbeke. Both artistically express themselves through flowers, be it in different ways.

Stéphanie Leblon (°1970)

The work of Stéphanie Leblon has a synesthetic dimension and encourages dreaming, lingering, and pondering. The images invite the gaze to wander. They are still lifes that come to life, nature mortes that rise. Flowers lightly dance in the void. Stéphanie Leblon's flowers are elusive. They constantly escape definition, refusing any confinement. They cannot be captured in a vase, nor are they bound to their original roots. Uprooted, they take full freedom and forge their own path: as delicate as snowflakes, yet not precipitation, joyfully ascending into the vast world.

Jonas Vanderbeke (°1993)

The floral bouquets of Jonas Vanderbeke are far from narrative. They overwhelm you, causing an initial reaction of recoil, a breathtaking feeling of being overturned. Until you realize they are loving arrangements, intended to charm. For Jonas Vanderbeke, it's not about the symbolic power of flowers. It's their natural palette that attracts him, along with their whimsically graceful forms. His work can also be viewed non-figuratively as a balancing act between colors, where he doesn't shy away from unusual combinations.

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